Your Guide to a Perfect Day in Solomons, MD.

Your Guide to a Perfect Day in Solomons, MD.

Your Guide to a Perfect Day in Solomons, MD.

Solomons, also known as Solomons Island is a quaint waterfront fishing village, located in southern Maryland along the mouth of the Patuxent River next to Chesapeake Bay.  This picturesque village is perfect for exploring for the day.   Here is a perfect day in Solomons Island, MD.


8 a.m.: Get Morning Fuel Start your day at a cute sandwich shop with great breakfast sandwiches.  Lotus Kitchen featuring Kim's Key Lime Pies is a local gem with the southern Maryland hospitality.  Make sure you get a slice of Key Lime for an afternoon snack. 

9 a.m.: Hit the Fossils Calvert County is home to Calvert Cliff State Park, a park featuring a sandy beach, unique fossils, recycled tire playground, a freshwater and tidal marshland and 13 miles of hiking trails.  Fossil hunting is fun and the best places to find fossils are detailed here.


12 p.m.:  Mid-Day Bite

Explore the marina area on the local side of Solomons and grab lunch at Hidden Harbor Café and grab a bite while checking out the boats from the dock. 

1 p.m.: Check Out the Waterways If you’re going to be in Solomons, then taking a leisurely cruise around the waters of Solomons Island.  You can check out great lighthouses, sailboats, and the bridge.  The Wm. B. Tennison is the oldest Coast Guard licensed passenger carrying vessel on the Chesapeake Bay.

2 p.m.: Enjoy Your Key Lime Pie Grab a bench on the main drag and enjoy your key lime pie from Lotus Kitchen while checking out the boats.

3 p.m.: Learn Before You Partake Oysters and Chesapeake Bay are great partners.  Before your enjoy some great oysters learn how the Chesapeake Bay oysters are farmed and shucked at the Joseph C. Lore & Sons Oyster House.

4 p.m.: Wine Hour By now the sun is high in the sky and you’re thirsty. Take a break from sightseeing and head to Solomons Island Winery.  The wine is on par with the view -  spectacular!


7:00 p.m.: Enjoy Dinner The Lighthouse Restaurant and Dock Bar does Chesapeake seafood classics rights.  If your going to be surrounded by water enjoy great crab cakes, oysters, fish, tuna, steamers and scallops.

Great weekends with events

Harvest Taste of Solomons 2019 - October 12th

Lighthouse Challenge - September 21 & 22, 2019 Lighthouse lovers are invited to take the challenge and visit ten lighthouses in two days.  

Solomons Christmas Walk - December 7, 2019

OtterMania! - Saturday, March 28, 2020

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