10 Amazing Things to Around the Chesapeake Bay this Summer

10 Amazing Things to Around the Chesapeake Bay this Summer

10 Amazing Things to Around the Chesapeake Bay this Summer

  1. Soak Up The Crow Experience

Does anything say “wine summer on the Eastern Shore” more than a bottle of Crow Vineyard Summer in a Bottle? Not really. Crow is filled with different things to experience besides visiting the tasting room or purchasing from their sought after varietals.  As a working farm there much to see, eat and drink including a Farmstay B&B.  Summer events include Ovation Dinner Theatre, Father’s Day with Wood Fire Pizza, and Vines to Wine Farm to Table Summer.

  1. Visit A Favorite Dock Bar

The Eastern Shore is no stranger to dock bars.  While Virginia Beach and Annapolis have mainstays, there are others that are worth exploring like, Pirate’s Cove, owned by 20 year veterans of the restaurant industry.  Inspired by their other dining destinations around Greater Annapolis they are embracing the Northern Bay’s unspoiled beauty and seafood selections.  Pirate’s Cove is a gathering spot for guests to lounge, drink and dine, enjoying sea-to-table cuisine that highlights seasonal ingredients, delicate homegrown herbs, locally caught fish while having the quintessential dock bar feel and amenities (boat parking!).

  1. Visit a shaved Ice, snow-cone, or snoballs stand

Summer heat brings the needs for an icy cool down.  Depending on where around the Chesapeake Bay you live or visit, you have a favorite type of ice treat.  It can be either shaved ice, snow cone or snoballs but they are not the same.  Shaved ice is often sold at roadside stands and mobile units. It's a fine and fluffy ice - mimicking real snow.  Many different flavors of syrup are available to be poured over the top of the fluffy ice.

Snow cones or snowballs are probably the most common icy treat drizzled with sweet flavoring. The ice is usually crunchy and much of the syrup settles on the bottom of the snow cone cup - making the last few bites the most flavorful!  Snow cones date back to middle of the 19th century in Baltimore where children would get ice shavings from the ice wagons and parents began to make various flavors to the ice.  Is there a better way to cool down after a day at the beach? We think not!

  1. Work Out on the Water

Ready to sweat? On the water?  Ever done paddleboard yoga?  How about kayaking to music?  Working out on the water is a sight to behold surrounded by sounds of summer.  It’s a workout you won’t forget.  Many places around the bay have quiet coves where they hold classes and rentals.  Paddle Sport in Deale, MD is one of them.  However, book early—classes go fast in peak months.

  1. Lap Up the Lux Life

Several luxury hotels around the Chesapeake Bay have all the trimmings of a weekend getaway. All have glorious pool areas, an amazing wellness experience, and beautiful scenery. Coming by boat or want to play golf?  There are several with both a golf course and marina.  Don’t forget the award winning waterfront dining experience with several farm/bay to table restaurants to indulge.

  1. Take a stroll on the Harbors

Spend the day walking around the Harbors of the Chesapeake Bay – Portsmouth or Baltimore.  Clothing boutiques, gift stores, bookstores (with actual books!) line the sidewalks, while the options to eat and drink are plentiful. Start your day with a specialty coffee from Aveley Coffee in Harbor East or The Coffee Shop on the Portsmouth Harbor as you walk down the waterfront. Take a break from shopping to chow down on great crab cakes, oysters or good pub food.  These always room for a great cocktail or brew while enjoying the outdoor dining views.  Both cities offer transportation by water to change up the scenery.

  1. Get Yourself Some Crabs

Summer is a time for indulgence and there is no better food to indulge than crab. Whether you enjoy taking a whack with a mallet or eating a culinary crab delight the Chesapeake Region is all about our summer crab eating.  Don’t pass over that great local draft that makes the crab an even more perfect food.  Where should you find you great crab meal?  Here’s our list of Chesapeake Bay Dock Bars

  1. Peruse the Dolphin Watching Report

Boating is a rite of passage for any visitor and resident of the Chesapeake.  More time boating offers more opportunities to check out the sea life on the Bay and that now includes Dolphin spotting!  These playful mammals are already back for the summer.  Want to see them without going on the water?  Check out this video.

  1. Become Summer Event Ready

Covid has taken event planning virtual and few summer events have returned in person but the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is changing that with the return of the 33rd Antique and Classic Boat Festival on June 18-20th.  Ahoy!  Some of the sea and do are:  Taking a ride on a classic boat, buying (or window shopping) some classic boats, attending seminars, shop vendors and eating are the many things you can partake in over the weekend.  Returning to the seas is in their blood with mariners.

  1. Sip Orange Crushes on Hot Days

While you may get your fill of many draft breweries on the Eastern Shore, there is another staple of summer – the Orange Crush!  Don’t pass up an opportunity to cherish this refreshing beverage that has its roots in Maryland. A selection of fresh oranges squeezed and poured into a cocktail shaker with vodka, triple sec, and lemon-lime soda.  Pour over ice and garnish to make anyone happy.

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