The Spring Home Refresh with Nautical Throw Pillows

The Spring Home Refresh with Nautical Throw Pillows

The Spring Home Refresh with Nautical Throw Pillows

A nautical-inspired decor theme is ideal in any room, porch or garden and can be as understated or recognizable as you wish.  Throw pillows help our spaces thrive and capture the theme of the area.  They can also highlight colors in other fabric or décor to make the room or space bright or colorful.

For an adventurous nautical getaway feel, the best accent colors are navy, red, and yellow.  Splashing the room with pillows of these strong naval colors will give the room a pop of bold color.  We have three main nautical themed pillows:  anchor, crab and boat.

Anchor Theme

Anchor pillows, such as below, come in lots of different varieties and styles. Some are more indoor pillows, while others have more resistant fabrics for outside.  This is a simple way to create a nautical theme in any room or outdoor space using a strong nautical symbol in a decorative way.  The anchor symbol is used to mean fresh start or hope, so adorned to pillow can give a room or space a new look or spring refresh.  Check out our other anchor products.       

   Anchors Away Rectangular Pillow  Anchor White Lumbar Indoor Outdoor Pillow

Small Red Anchor Knit Reversible Pillow  Navy Anchor Shaped Cotton Pillow  Red Anchor Shaped Cotton Pillow

Crab Theme

While anchors give a nautical look, crabs give us a coastal feel.  These tasty water creatures adorned on a pillow can give you reminders of summer, great food, and the coastal vibes that you enjoy during the summer.  We also have great crab ornaments to adorn the house in the Christmas section!    

Blue Crab indoor/Outdoor Printed Pillow  Navy Pillow with Red Crab Design  Marino Crab Indoor/Outdoor White Throw Pillow by C&F Home

Two Blue Crabs Hooked Lumbar Pillow   Sandy Claws Pillow


Boat Theme

The boat pillow is a very diverse collection of sayings, shapes, pictures, and messages.  The Gone Sailing Life Preserver Pillow is our best selling and its unique design offers a twist to any room.  Our more traditional boat pillows are new this year and offer both a fun message and detailed upscale picture for choice on how you would like to incorporate the nautical theme in your decor. 

These lumbar pillows are fun, festive and also complement our nautical quilts.   

Life is Better On The Boat Blue Pillow  Gone Sailing Pillow Life Preserver Pillow White  Ship with Sails White Cotton Square Pillow  
Sail Away With Me Rectangular Embroidered Pillow  Rectangle Red and Blue Sailboat Cotton Throw Pillow

We hope these few tips helped inspire you to refresh your home furnishings with nautical accent throw pillows.  I’ve included a few picture ideas of where a throw pillow could be used.  We will also do this with our throw blankets and rugs in another blog coming soon!

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