10 Great Ice Cream Shops in the Chesapeake Bay Region

10 Great Ice Cream Shops in the Chesapeake Bay Region

10 Great Ice Cream Shops in the Chesapeake Bay Region

10 Great Ice Cream Shops in the Chesapeake Bay Region

If there’s anything better than strolling down a main street with a cone of delicious, melty ice cream on a summer day? With the temps rising, we have all the excuses we need to grab a scoop or two. Here’s where to find the Chesapeake Bay’s best. 

Annapolis Ice Cream Company – Annapolis, MD

Go ahead and go crazy with the samples—the friendly staff at Annapolis Ice Cream Company will let you taste everything until you find the one you want.  Located in the heart of the walking area, its easy to burn off the calories with window shopping!

Island Creamery – Berlin, MD, Chincoteague Island, VA, Salisbury, MD

Finally, a vegan ice cream that tastes oh so creamy.  Island Creamery, a very popular eastern shore staple, makes ice cream cakes too!

Scottish Highland Creamery – Oxford, MD

Ice cream with a water view.  The scoops are more than generous. There’s an overwhelming number of flavors and toppings in the best possible way. If pure bliss had a taste, it would be scoops from Scoop du Jour.  Gracie’s favorite from the menu?  Frosty paws!

Carl's Frozen Custard, Fredericksburg, VA

Deep breath: The line is going to be long. But the frozen custard, Carl’s answer to ice-cream, is worth the wait.  After all, its soft serve and they’ve been doing it for more than 90 years with a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.  Mic drop.

The Charmery – Baltimore, MD

Your going to go crazy with the choices!  It’s going to be a paralyzing problem.  The Charmery is always testing new flavors, such as cheese and crackers, salty caramel, cold pizza, pickle, cheese fries, and 8 flavors based on 90s music lyrics.  There’s even vegan ice cream as well.  To narrow down your choices, you can check out the webcam stream.

Keyes Creamery – Aberdeen, MD

This is a dairy extravaganza!  Keyes uses their own milk from their dairy herd located in Havre de Grace.  Plus, there’s space for the children to play (complete with balls, bats, corn hole, etc.)!

Justine's Ice Cream Parlour - St. Michaels, MD

Not just ice cream but the entire ice cream schmorgesborg - Old fashions, sundaes, floats, ice cream, yogurts, sherbets, sorbet, egg creams and the “wall of shakes”.  It been said the key lime milkshake is wow!  Birthday cake ice cream is a top seller too.

Kilby Cream - Rising Sun, MD

You know your on the Chesapeake Bay when the farm meets great ice cream.  How do you add to great ice cream, delicious glass bottled milk, and mouthwatering waffles?  Check out the petting zoo!

Doumar’s, Norfolk, VA

When they ask “Cup or cone?” you want the cone. Trust us (it’s still being made on the original machine built in 1904). This James Beard award winner in Norfolk has some of the best cones around. It may look unassuming on the outside, but the legendary luncheonette knows how to make a delicious scoop of old-fashioned homemade ice cream.

Bomboy's Home Made Ice Cream - Havre de Grace, MD

It’s the sister shop to Bomboy's Home Made Candy, these people really know how to make their sweets. 

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