16 Delicious Chocolate Shops Around the Chesapeake Bay Region

16 Delicious Chocolate Shops Around the Chesapeake Bay Region

16 Delicious Chocolate Shops Around the Chesapeake Bay Region

People tend to think of chocolates specifically around Valentine’s Day—and any other day we want to shower our loved ones with sweets. But we believe the Chesapeake Bay Region’s chocolate scene is too prolific to only enjoy once a year, and too good to only buy for others. Treat yourself, or buy something special, at one of our favorite local chocolate shops. 

  1. Gearhart's Fine Chocolates, Charlottesville / Richmond, VA

At Gearhart’s you can experience rich flavors such as Earl Grey, Brown Butter Caramel and Mint Julep.  You can curate your own box with handmade flavors like cardamom and lavender, marzipan and strawberry, spiked with tequila or rum.  No wonder why USA Today, The New York Times, and Southern Living have Gearhart’s on their best of list.

  1. Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Virginia Beach / Arlington

Schakolad Chocolate Factory is the internationally acclaimed brand for fresh, handmade European style chocolates.  Novelty chocolates are a big hit at Schakolad, where you can find hand-poured chocolates in a variety of shapes: alligators, lovely sea shells and turtles, among others. Nut clusters are a crowd favorite, too, along with chocolate-dipped fruits and chocolate cups. Don't miss the $1 menu and chocolate covered pretzels!

  1. Wockenfuss Candies – Baltimore

Baltimore’s own version of Willy Wonka .  Over 100 years old and a staple of Baltimore sweet tooth!  People rave about their peanut butter taffy and the chocolate covered Oreos.  Free samples at their many locations are always a plus. 

  1. Chocolatepaper, Roanoke, VA

Any chocolate shop that has chocolate covered potato chips is a winner in my book. This diverse chocolatier and gift shop in Roanoke offers over 50 different chocolates and truffles, plus Valentine’s Day cards for the last minute shopper! 

    5. Harper Macaw Factory & Café, Georgetown, DC

The factory is located in an old row home on M street, offering 5 star tours that should be renamed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You can learn the science behind the heating and cooling of the chocolate, as well as the process to mill and blend the cocoa nibs.  The chocolate is made in the European style which is extremely smooth and beyond yummy.  

  1. For the Love of Chocolate, Richmond

For the Love of Chocolate is a chocolate-lover's bliss.  There’s a chocolate and candy for everyone from vegan and kosher to old school that remind you of your childhood.  This place can make chocolate dreams come true!!

  1. Sweet Cascades Chocolatier - Ellicott City, MD

Sweet Cascades is a fine chocolatier, because each candy feels like a unique and new experience created just for you, including Old Bay chocolate! Located at Savage Mill it gives you an opportunity to grab lunch and shop.

  1. Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates, Alexandria, VA/Georgetown, DC.

The talented chocolatier has been making a small assortment of beautiful truffles and magnificent seasonal chocolates for years learning under tutelage of Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates.  These chocolates literally shine as they are tempered to perfection.

  1. North East Chocolates - North East

This place has all the charm of a small town in one tiny house; the signs outside are delightful, the store has a solid assortment of mainstream candy (Wonka, jelly belly, etc.), niche brands (Harry Potter candy, Pez), sugar-free selection, Fishers Popcorn from Ocean City and of course, CHOCOLATE!   They even have Treats for pets!

  1. Rheb's Candies – Baltimore

When you see a line outside a small shop in a residential neighborhood you know the place has to be good.  This 4th generation store has a cult following and thank goodness it has a parking lot not far away! 

  1. Bethesda Chocolates – Bethesda, MD

Comfy sitting and delicious hot beverages are a treat that makes this new shop an outstanding visit.  The plus, gluten free truffles and chocolate pretzel bars get rave reviews.

  1. Oh My Chocolate – Stevensville, Kent Island, MD

Quaint Stevensville has a wonderful treat in Oh My Chocolate.  Plus the delicious chocolate don’t miss the ice cream or dipped apples. 

   13.  The Chocolate House  Dupont Circle, DC

A unique little chocolate store with decant pieces that are as artistically beautiful as they are delicious.  The true lemon, vanilla/hazelnut, and strawberry champagne are highly recommended.  Their truffle making class is very popular. 

  1. The Royal Chocolate, Williamsburg

This gourmet chocolate shop offers confections created with the best Belgian chocolate.  For those who are watching their waist they offer 2 varieties of caramel and chocolate dipped apples.  The Royal Chocolate offers seating with a fireplace plus they offer chocolate fondue!  The first Saturday of the month they have a candy bar making session for kids – I could be a kid for that.

  1. Chocolate Chocolate Washington, DC

Chocolate Chocolate carries high-end chocolate from around the world.  This is the place to buy gifts but don’t be shy and buy a few for yourself.  The malt balls will surprise you!

  1. Charm City Chocolate Baltimore, MD

Charm City Chocolate is a retro modern candy shop offering handcrafted chocolate confections, gummy candy, jelly beans and vintage sweets.  These chocolates literally shine as they are tempered to perfection. Impress someone special with a chocolate sculpture or selection of exquisitely hand-painted confections.