Chesapeake Bay Region Activities In April

Chesapeake Bay Region Activities In April

Chesapeake Bay Region Activities In April

Chesapeake Bay Region Activities In April

Anchored by Easter, April ushers in a month full of outdoor and festive activities around the Chesapeake Region. 

Steeplechase Races

A steeplechase is a race for Thoroughbred horses over fences and is an East Coast tradition.  The national headquarters is located in Maryland.  Catch races around the Chesapeake Region from April 7th through May 26th.  Visit Steeplechase horses to learn more.

May Day in Annapolis

May Day has varied traditions but is usually centered around flowers and colorful decorations.  In Annapolis the Garden Club of Old Annapolis Towne decorates the town for this beautiful holiday. 

Mid-Atlantic Regional Garden Faire

April commences gardening season, especially planting beautiful flowers.  The 22nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Garden Faire will be one of the most inclusive garden shows in the Southeast being hosted at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.  Join the Garden Marketplace on April 19th and 20th as they feature thousands of plant varieties, an amazing array of garden accessories and nearly everything imaginable for gracious outdoor living. 

Crush N' Run 5k and Beach Run

Since beach season is around the corner and we all could use an outdoor activity to get ready for beach fun.  You don't even have to be a runner to enjoy this fun Virginia Beach annual event on April 6th.  After getting your legs and feet acclimated to the sand and your lungs to the sea air, celebrate by receiving an orange crush post run.  It’s the best way to get April started.

The Delicious East Coast She Crab Soup Classic

Mmmm crap soup.  Grab a spoon and take the most amazing soups at the 24th Street Stage in Virginia Beach.  The She Crab Soup Classic draws people from all over the East Coast to VB!  Bring your appetite and a ticket on Saturday, April 13th

National Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry blossom bloom are synonymous with the Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake region.  During late March and April the blossoming of these bright and colorful flower offer the best evidence of spring.  The National Cherry Blossom festival is a national attraction for Washington, DC complete with music, parades and fireworks. 

District Winery rooftop rosé party

Rosé wine has been popular for a few years now.  The perfect combination of crisp, refreshing, and color.   On April 28th, the District Winery will have a rooftop party to celebrate that Washington loves rosé.  District Winery is located near the Navy Yard. Tickets are for sale now.


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